The Toga backend for terminal applications is toga-textual.


toga-textual should run on any terminal or command shell provided by macOS, Windows or Linux.


toga-textual must be manually installed by running:

$ python -m pip install toga-textual

If toga-textual is the only Toga backend that is installed, it will be picked up automatically on any desktop operating system. If you have another backend installed (usually, this will be the default GUI for your operating system), you will need to set the TOGA_BACKEND environment variable to toga-textual to force the selection of the backend.

Implementation details

The toga-textual backend uses the Textual API.

macOS Terminal.app limitations

There are some known issues with the default macOS Terminal.app. In some layouts, box outlines render badly; this can sometimes be resolved by altering the line spacing of the font used in the terminal. The default Terminal.app also has a limited color palette. The maintainers of Textual recommend using an alternative terminal application to avoid these problems.