API Reference

Core application components

Component Description
Application The application itself
Window Window object
MainWindow Main Window

General widgets

Component Description
ActivityIndicator A (spinning) activity indicator
Button Basic clickable Button
Canvas Area you can draw on
DetailedList A list of complex content
Divider A horizontal or vertical line
ImageView Image Viewer
Label Text label
MultilineTextInput Multi-line Text Input field
NumberInput Number Input field
PasswordInput A text input that hides it’s input
ProgressBar Progress Bar
Selection Selection
Slider Slider
Switch Switch
Table Table of data
TextInput Text Input field
Tree Tree of data
WebView A panel for displaying HTML
Widget The base widget

Layout widgets

Usage Description
Box Container for components
ScrollContainer Scrollable Container
SplitContainer Split Container
OptionContainer Option Container


Component Description
Font Fonts
Command Command
Group Command group
Icon An icon for buttons, menus, etc
Image An image