Is this the tutorial you’re looking for?

If this is your first time using BeeWare, we suggestion you start with the BeeWare tutorial. This tutorial only covers BeeWare’s GUI toolkit, Toga, and doesn’t cover any of the details of getting your code running on specific hardware platforms. Once you’ve completed the BeeWare tutorial, this tutorial will introduce more details about Toga’s capabilities as a GUI toolkit.

A quick test drive

Before you run through the tutorial, install a Toga app to see what Toga looks like.

Tutorial 0 - your first Toga app

In Your first Toga app, you will discover how to create a basic app and have a simple Button widget to click.

Tutorial 1 - a slightly less toy example

In A slightly less toy example, you will discover how to capture basic user input using the TextInput widget and control layout.

Tutorial 2 - you put the box inside another box…

In You put the box inside another box…, you will discover how to use the SplitContainer widget to display some components, a toolbar and a table.


Tutorial 3 - let’s build a browser!

In Let’s build a browser!, you will discover how to use the WebView widget to display a simple browser.


Tutorial 4 - let’s draw on a canvas!

In Let’s draw on a canvas!, you will discover how to use the Canvas widget to draw lines and shapes on a canvas.