A slightly less toy example#


Toga is a work in progress, and may not be consistent across all platforms.

Please check the Tutorial Issues label on Github to see what’s currently broken.

Most applications require a little more than a button on a page. Lets build a slightly more complex example - a Fahrenheit to Celsius converter:


Here’s the source code:

import toga
from toga.style.pack import COLUMN, LEFT, RIGHT, ROW, Pack

def build(app):
    c_box = toga.Box()
    f_box = toga.Box()
    box = toga.Box()

    c_input = toga.TextInput(readonly=True)
    f_input = toga.TextInput()

    c_label = toga.Label("Celsius", style=Pack(text_align=LEFT))
    f_label = toga.Label("Fahrenheit", style=Pack(text_align=LEFT))
    join_label = toga.Label("is equivalent to", style=Pack(text_align=RIGHT))

    def calculate(widget):
            c_input.value = (float(f_input.value) - 32.0) * 5.0 / 9.0
        except ValueError:
            c_input.value = "???"

    button = toga.Button("Calculate", on_press=calculate)




    box.style.update(direction=COLUMN, padding_top=10)
    f_box.style.update(direction=ROW, padding=5)
    c_box.style.update(direction=ROW, padding=5)

    f_input.style.update(flex=1, padding_left=160)
    c_label.style.update(width=100, padding_left=10)
    f_label.style.update(width=100, padding_left=10)
    join_label.style.update(width=150, padding_right=10)

    button.style.update(padding=15, flex=1)

    return box

def main():
    return toga.App("Temperature Converter", "org.beeware.f_to_c", startup=build)

if __name__ == "__main__":

This example shows off some more features of Toga’s Pack style engine. In this example app, we’ve set up an outer box that stacks vertically; inside that box, we’ve put 2 horizontal boxes and a button.

Since there’s no width styling on the horizontal boxes, they’ll try to fit the widgets they contain into the available space. The TextInput widgets have a style of flex=1, but the Label widgets have a fixed width; as a result, the TextInput widgets will be stretched to fit the available horizontal space. The margin and padding terms then ensure that the widgets will be aligned vertically and horizontally.