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An icon is a small, square image, used to decorate buttons and menu items.

A Toga icon is a late bound resource - that is, it can be constructed without an implementation. When it is assigned to an app, command, or other role where an icon is required, it is bound to a factory, at which time the implementation is created.

The filename specified for an icon is interpreted as a path relative to the module that defines your Toga application. The only exception to this is a system icon, which is relative to the toga core module itself.

An icon is guaranteed to have an implementation. If you specify a filename that cannot be found, Toga will output a warning to the console, and load a default icon.

When an icon file is specified, you can optionally omit the extension. If an extension is provided, that literal file will be loaded. If the platform backend cannot support icons of the format specified, the default icon will be used. If an extension is not provided, Toga will look for a file with the one of the platform’s allowed extensions.


class toga.icons.Icon(path, system=False)#

A representation of an Icon image.

Icon is a deferred resource - it’s impl isn’t available until it the icon is assigned to perform a role in an app. At the point at which the Icon is used, the Icon is bound to a factory, and the implementation is created.

  • path – The path to the icon file, relative to the application’s module directory.

  • system – Is this a system resource? Set to True if the icon is one of the Toga-provided icons. Default is False.